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VK SDK Android


Some Android-specific features built into Unofficial VK SDK for Android

Build Documentation Kotlin 1.3.72 API version GitHub license

The official VK Android SDK is monstrous, has poor API, does not contain some important features and their code leaves much to be desired. This is the reason why this SDK is created. See the available features below.

See the documentation:


Android minSdkVersion Android targetSdkVersion

Latest version: maven-central

Authorization code flow is not supported by the official VK SDK and by the official app. But it is supported by this auth feature.

Easiest way to authorize user with VK and get the token:

// From here:
// Choose the app and get the ID from here:
// Or go here: and see the App ID

val callback = { result: VkAuthResult ->
    when (result) {
        is VkAuthResult.AccessToken -> {
            // do something with result.accessToken
        is VkAuthResult.Error -> {
            // do something with result.error

// before activity.onCreate
val launcher = VkAuth.register(activity, callback)

// somewhere onClick
VkAuth.login(activity, launcher, params)


Library is uploaded to the Maven Central Repository.

Add the following line to your dependencies:

implementation "$vkSdkAndroidVersion"

For other information and for details, see the documentation:


See the License